Hi! Nico is expanding in Estonia

Nice-business consulting Oy Tallinnassa

Nico has been operating in Finland for more than 20 years and has helped customers succeed in their business by providing flexibly the best IT specialists in the right place at the right time. Now we have taken the first step in internationalization and opened an office in Tallinn in August.

Nico is going to be one of the few purely in IT-focused recruitment and staffing companies in Estonia. We surely will have new things to offer to this market. In addition, our new office will expand our opportunities to serve our customers in Finland, as we are now capable to search and use experts from Estonia as well. The office has been opened under the direction of Ave Arumäe. Arumäe is an IT recruitment professional who also has experience in commencing a new business.

Our services will be the same as in Finland, of course, adapted to the local market. We believe that our expertise in recruiting, headhunting, personnel renting, and subcontracting is going to be a unique addition to the Estonian market.

Nico shall respond to real demand in Estonia: the need for IT-experts is heavily rising there as well as in other countries. IT-sector in Estonia is forecasted to grow also in years to come and there will be a need for skillful people especially in software development, architecture, and management.
At the same time when the need for experts arise, there will be other options for traditional employments. Nico can offer flexible working styles for both companies and specialists in Estonia.

Contact us, if you need assistance from the best partner in Estonia focused on IT-recruiting and personnel management. We are happy to tell you more about our activities in Estonia.

Ave Arumäe, Business Manager/IT Recruiter

+372 5803 5277



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