Ave Arumäe

An experienced expert in IT-recruiting and personnel management


Ave is a skillful recruitment and HR-expert. Nico is excited about this reinforcement in the Estonian market. Ave is a true specialist, knows profoundly the local market, and thus is capable to build up the new business in Tallinn. She will be at the core of our Estonian operations.

Ave has a remarkable history in IT-sector, personnel management, and recruiting. She has been working in those areas since 2014 in roles like technical recruiter, HR Project Manager, HR Manager, and HR Business Partner.

She has the degree of Master of Arts in personnel management. Before joining IT-field Ave worked in a company focused on recruiting in the healthcare sector. She has graduated previously as a dental technician.

Ave will help Nico’s customers in Estonia with their resourcing needs assisting them to find the best possible experts for different IT-roles. Her special skills include e.g. the following: building recruitment processes, actual recruitments, and personnel management. Ave also has solid experience in consulting HR managers and leaders in IT for building up the recruitment and interview processes to bring the best experts on board. A true recruitment expert understands well both the recruiting company and the IT-expert and can bring together the best candidates for the right companies.

Ave is a perfect person in building up Nico’s capabilities and just the perfect leader for Nico in Estonia. She has previously successfully built up and commenced a local new business for a foreign company in Estonia.

Get in touch:

+372 5803 5277