GuruTori – Find IT professionals quickly

GuruTori is the meeting place for IT jobs and professionals

Our GuruTori service provides an updated and current review of IT professionals who are ready to take on new challenges. During our one-on-one discussions with the professionals, we have ensured that the work experience of each expert is relevant and described in a qualitative manner. In addition, we have paid special attention that each IT expert at GuruTori is motivated to accept a new assignment. Since the comparison of each profile has been made easy, you are able to find the right professional with required skills quickly.

We present both IT professionals from our subcontracting network as well as experts looking for a new job. Depending on your needs, you can either lease or directly hire a person. Once you find an interesting expert from GuruTori, the rest is only a call away. Nico will handle all communication and contract negotiations on behalf of both parties. The final cost of a recruitment is only half from our regular price of direct hires. The cost of expert leasing will be agreed separately, one project at a time.

GuruTori in a nutshell:

  • An up-to-date review of available or soon-to-be available IT professionals
  • Profiles presented with detailed information
  • A platform that is user-friendly and constantly updated
  • Joining and using the service is free of charge
  • You can either hire or lease a professional
  • The cost of direct hires is half of our regular recruitment assignments. The cost of expert leasing will be agreed separately.
  • Contract negotiations and administrative details will be handled with several years of strong expertise from Nico


Once you subscribe to our GuruTori service, you will receive a newsletter once or twice a month. In the newsletter, you will find a link and password to access GuruTori. By clicking a profile in GuruTori, you will find more information on that particular expert. When you find a potential professional from the platform, all you need to do is contact us via phone or email.

Joining GuruTori is free of charge, and it will not oblige you to anything.



Hannu Kyllönen

Recruitment Consultant / Manager, Oulu
+358 (0)400 757 829

Heidi Hänninen

Recruitment Consultant / Manager, Helsinki
+358 (0)50 346 0081

Siim Palumets

Business Manager / IT recruiter, Estonia
+372 55 679 455

Mervi Martikainen

Recruiting specialist
+358 (0)400 580208

Mona Kukkonen

Recruitment Consultant / Manager, Helsinki
+358 (0)50 306 3704

Tarmo Antila

Director, Personnel Services
+358 (0)500 447 024