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We regularly offer our open assignments to our partners. We will handle sales, contract negotiations and other administrative work related to the assignment with a sure professional touch. You have the freedom to focus on your core expertise. Our vacancies can be found below.

If you couldn’t immediately find a vacancy to suit your requirements, register as a supplier in our network! We will contact you as soon as suitable assignments are found.

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As part of the Fujitsu Group we offer you assignments with high-profile clients and public sector organizations. Client projects and the technologies used vary widely.

Our work is based on fairness, responsibility, transparency and reliability. We make sure that our partners also work responsibly and follow rules and regulations.

We are a company in good financial standing and pay our invoices on time and as agreed. You can also choose when each invoice is paid. Our contract terms and margins are fair and match or exceed industry standards.

To make working with partners easier we have picked easy and commonly used tools so that you don’t have to spend time on learning new customized applications. Everything we do is aimed at making it easy and agile to work with us.


Interesting IT projects

Nico and Fujitsu provide you with high-profile clients, varied assignments and the support of professional sales staff throughout.

Attractive revenue distribution model

In addition to competitive prices and margins you can choose when each invoice is paid. Invoices always get paid on time.

A fair way of doing business

Our responsible and transparent way of working helps us offer fair, open and competitive contractual terms. We always follow Due Diligence to ensure that rules and regulations are met.

Easy co-operation

We provide personal points of contact, active communications and easy, commonly used tools.


Rami Tuominen

Senior Project Manager, Gifutech

“We started working with Nico in 2012. We have found Nico's way of working to be fair and transparent and personal points of contact within Nico have sped up handling of contracts and other matters. These contacts have also made it possible to receive individual support and for us to serve our clients flexibly. Our long collaboration has made it easier to communicate and to get to know client situations and needs. Systematic, evenly shared work with a long-term approach has provided both companies with new knowledge and expertise and created a positive symbiosis. Both companies benefit from new business, new growth opportunities and improved quality. Shared flexibility and responsiveness to changing market situations will help us stay competitive in the future as well.”

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