IT specialist recruitment and headhunting


You can improve the success rate of your recruitment by using our services. The service is now very commonly used in situations where the traditional search through advertising does not yield results, the recruitment needs to be kept confidential or it is intended to strengthen the company’s employer image. Nico implements direct searches either as a silent search or by combining public job advertisements with the search. Personal contacting and persuasion is especially needed to obtain enough suitable candidates for the open position. Public announcements support the application process in terms of visibility, communication, and application processing. The absolute strength of Nico’s recruitment consultants is the deep knowledge of the IT industry and the roles and competencies, as well as their extensive network of contacts within the sector. Our professional, local recruitment consultants in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Tallinn are our biggest asset.


  1. Getting acquainted with the client’s needs and preparing a job description
  2. Finding a pool of suitable candidates
  3. Contacting the potential candidates
  4. Interviews and selection of finalists
  5. Possible suitability assessment or professional testing
  6. Making the choice

Typically, the recruitment process as a whole takes about two months. The implementation of the direct application process is agreed upon on a case-by-case basis between the client’s recruiting supervisor and Nico’s recruitment consultant in order to create an appropriate and effective direct search process. Things to be agreed upon include scheduling, customer participation in the various stages of the search, reporting, and other cooperation during the direct search service and the related warranty period.

We give a fixed price for the direct search service. We will invoice the start-up fee at the beginning of the service and the rest after successfully signing the employment contract. A suitability assessment can be done as an additional service upon agreement.


During assignments, we maintain a good employer image of the customer. We agree with the client on the style of communication during the search for candidates. Our recruitment consultant acts as a liaison for the candidates and informs them about the progress of the recruitment process. We also agree on communication with applicants who are not selected for the position.

After the interviews, personal contact is established between the client and the applicants. At this stage, it is natural for the customer to take partial responsibility for communicating with the final candidates.


When a person starts a new job, monitoring the success of the recruitment begins, which ensures commitment and success at work for the employer and the person himself. We conduct a customer satisfaction survey with the customer in accordance with our quality system after each recruitment.


In case the recruited person turns out not meeting the requirements of the position during the warranty period of the direct search service, we will search for a new employee for no additional charge. The recruitment warranty includes one additional search.

IT specialist recruitment and headhunting