IT specialist recruitment and headhunting


We offer a turnkey recruitment service. You can also outsource part of your recruitment process to us.


  • We map out the client’s IT expertise needs and define the requirements for the role
  • We find suitable candidates, evaluate them and present them to the customer
  • We charge the initial fee and the rest based on success after an employment contract has been signed
  • We also offer a suitability evaluation as an optional service


Use temporary staffing to get the right expertise with the option to recruit! You can recruit the specialist after your preferred time period. After 12 months you can recruit them at no additional cost.




Find IT specialists without a public search!

The headhunting can be done on a fixed schedule. We present the client with a so-called longlist after a specified period of time, typically 4 to 6 weeks.

When it proves challenging to find the right professionals on the market or they are highly sought after, “best effort” scheduling can be applied. In this model the client makes a recruitment decision as soon as the first suitable candidate is found. We continue the search for candidates for as long as it takes to find a suitable match, or for a maximum of four months. This model is particularly well suited to headhunting for roles related to the development of software and other digital services.


Our recruitment consultant presents the client with the agreed amount of candidates recommended for further evaluation by the client. Our consultant aids the client in making interview decisions. We agree on interview schedules for the selected candidates.


During assignments we maintain a positive image of the client as an employer. We agree with the client on how to communicate with candidates during the search. Our recruitment consultant acts as a point of contact for the candidates and provides information about how the recruitment process is going. We also agree on how to communicate with candidates who were not selected for the role. After interviews the client will have a personal connection with the candidates. Thus it is natural for the client to take partial responsibility for communicating with shortlisted candidates.


Once the recruit starts in their new role we start a follow-up process to ensure commitment and success from both the client’s and the recruit’s point of view. We undertake a client satisfaction survey according to our quality manage system after each recruitment.


If the recruit does not meet the requirements of the role during the headhunting service’s guarantee period, we will find a new employee at no additional cost. The guarantee includes one new search.



We recruited a BI (Business Intelligence) specialist for our client in the insurance sector. The specialist was tasked with strengthening the client's reporting team. The role included development and maintenance of data warehouses and reporting. The technologies and software used included Power BI, MS SQL, SAP BO, and Informatica. We managed to find several potential candidates with different profiles for the client, who had the positive challenge of finding the best individual to complement their team.


Staffing services

We staffed a project manager to an industrial company for a project lasting approximately six months. Our experienced project manager worked with logistical integration, from testing to pilots to production, and represented the company in dealings with partners and suppliers. Our project manager works on multiple small projects simultaneously, leading to highly varied working days. There is also an international aspect to the role.

Project manager

Try & hire

We found a Cloud Specialist for our client in the IT sector using the try & hire model. The chosen specialist worked for the client as temporary staff through Nico for 12 months. The specialist's goal was to automate functions relating to deployment, operation, monitoring, scalability and continuity management. During this time the specialist also undertook training and achieved certifications following the cloud provider's (Azure) learning paths. After a year the client was still happy with their choice and hired this employee on a permanent basis.

Cloud Specialist


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