Riitta: ”Nico offers me an interesting job with a competitive salary and flexible working hours, which enable studying alongside working. ”

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Get to know us! In career stories, Nico’s employees tell about their work at Nico.

My name is Riitta Rusila and originally I come from Kuhmo, located at the heartland of Kainuu. I studied engineering in Raahe and since graduation, I have lived in Oulu. For the past year, I have been working through Nico as a test manager in Fujitsu’s assignment. My workplace is located in Oulu.

Previously, I have worked for over 12 years in telecommunications modem development in Oulu – first at Nokia and after business acquisitions, through Renesas at Broadcom. Broadcom decided to stop modem development in the summer of 2014. In autumn 2014, I studied communications at the open university, thinking about my future plans. My husband, who has worked at Embe and Nice in the past, told me about an open position at Nico. Thus I already knew that there are nice people in Oulu. In addition, the test manager position in the public administration sounded as an interesting opportunity, which would add variety to my CV. I applied for the position and Nico offered me an interesting job with a competitive salary and flexible working hours, which enable studying alongside working.

Due to the nature of the project, it is not possible to work remotely, which is not a problem at all. I spend my workdays at the office. As a test manager, I am responsible for the system quality and I also create test plans, reports, workload estimates as well as read requirements and definitions. In addition, I carry out testing and write error reports. I enjoy having an opportunity to work in the customer interface. I work with incredibly talented, experienced and fun professionals. Work atmosphere is relaxed with a sense of accomplishment. I am 80% allocated to the project, which is perfect for my current situation.

Together with the testing team, a test manager is responsible for the project quality assurance. In quality assurance, one must have a deep understanding of the system entity and be able to understand the risks in change management. As a test manager, I am in a daily contact with the customer, project and quality managers, specifier, planner, scrum master, developers and test specialists. This requires communication and interpersonal skills. A test manager must be assertive, creative and energetic.

Alongside working, I study vocational pedagogy at the School of vocational teacher education in Oulu. The programme provides a teacher’s qualification at vocational institutions. In my spare time, I am a chairman at the Oulun insinöörit ry. The organization has over 3000 members and it arranges over 50 events each year. I have also two children under school age, which keeps me busy in my spare time. I relax best in the gym by doing functional exercises, such as squats, sled pushing, heavy bag training or by spinning a tractor tire.

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