Juha: ”Every working day should be taken as a challenge”

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Nico people talk about their own career paths. Here Juha Pesonen tells his story.

“I work as a Project Manager in Nico. My current customer assignments are in the content management area in the public sector in Finland. During my career, I have worked in very different kinds of projects and I have project management experience of over 10 years now. I have acquired international experience while working in multicultural and global working environments for several years. In addition to this, I worked two years in Wisconsin, the United States, in the combined role of Key Account Manager and Technical Account Manager. During that time I obtained a wide experience on business processes involving customers, since I had the main overall responsibility of customers in this area.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Technology (Power Electronics). I have also accomplished the PM Master training organized by Project Institute Finland in 2003, and the JET training in leadership in 2007.

I have worked in projects in both ICT and manufacturing industry. In the ICT sector, the actual projects I have been working on have been related to document and content management and ICT implementation activities for manufacturing, product management and ordering systems. In the manufacturing industry, I have had the project manager status in R&D in the productisation of new products and in customer-specific branding projects.

Nico’s salary model is a concrete alternative to a fixed salary

My previous experience and competences profit me in my Nico assignments. I enjoy working with customers and expect to expand my knowhow when taking on new kinds of projects. While working for Nico I’ve accomplished IPMA Level C, Prince2 Foundation and Prince2 Practitioner project certificates.

The commission-based salary model of Nico is a concrete alternative to a fixed salary. I have always been of the opinion that every working day should be taken as a challenge. By this I mean that at the end of the working day, it is nicer to go home knowing that your daily effort is worth your salary. Even if I have previously worked long hours and often exceeded the agreed working time, the salary itself has never been the main purpose in my work. Now that work is compensated according to my actual efforts, it is only a bonus on top of the work itself.

I am a relatively active and target-oriented person. I like sports — my favorite sports are running, skiing, cycling and golf. During the last snowy winters, I have done long cross country skiing trips and participated in several skiing races; for instance, in Oulun Tervahiihto three years in a row.

My favorite summer sport is running. I just ran my tenth Marathon in Stockholm in the summer of 2012. In cycling, one can enjoy beautiful landscapes and ride long distances at the same time. Surpassing the Alps in the summer of 2004, through the pass of St. Gothard, was literally the culmination of my cycling experience. Another memorable cycling event has been the Tour de Helsinki where I last participated in 2010. Golf, for its part, is an outstanding outdoors social activity. I play golf for the fun of it and am now a registered member in the Greater Helsinki Golf Club.”

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